The Importance of Feedback for your Program and Course

The Importance of Feedback for your Program and Course



The ONE thing that’s keeping your course from being the best on the market: FEEDBACK.

During the whole process of planning, strategizing, recreating, and doing it all over again, but if you aren’t adding in a process for collecting and enacting feedback received for your product, you could be at risk of missing out on creating a lasting product. 

This step is especially important when it comes to launching programs/courses for the first few times, collecting feedback is a way for you to make sure you’re really identifying and understanding any of the gaps in your content structure so that you can improve your end-to-end customer journey

But when is the best time to collect feedback on your course? There’s a fine line between asking your new course members too early before they’ve even had a chance to dive in, or asking after they’ve been through the whole process and aren’t able to tap into that real-time experience they have during the process of your program! Find that balance!

Collecting feedback on your online course content can be as easy as building in a quiz for your students in the actual course content of your program- this is made very easy with platforms such as Thinkific!

Here’s when you need to be asking your audience for feedback: 

At the beginning of the course

Just after your welcome video with the first module/ lesson, add in a quick survey that gets your students to give you insight into what they are expecting to receive as a result of this program.

This will help you determine the desired outcome and impact of your program.

This can also help you to either re-calibrate your course structure or start looking into another course format that may target students who are looking for something particular.

By using the information and advice beforehand, your students will appreciate your willingness to listen and implement their ideas.

 In the Middle

This is particularly helpful if it’s a large 7+ module course. Ask if there is anything else they would have liked to have seen from the 1/2 half of the course or any additional support they need. This helps you understand learning gaps and areas to improve on your course features, it may even help you to set up your niche or stem out a new niche market.

Even better, offer a Starbucks coffee gift card upon completion to say thank you! You can encourage feedback with incentives of value to your student. Make sure your tone is nothing but a genuine effort to improve course content and service.

At the end

The more obvious feedback placement, here you can do a final check-in to reflect on the progress made since the beginning. Remember to reiterate the initial questions to check if they had achieved what they wanted to learn from the course. Make sure to also ask for a formal testimonial here (with permission) so that you can use it as marketing material for the next round.

There’s of course a fine line between just enough and too many check-in points.

Reiterating to your students that all feedback provides you the opportunity to continuously improve the course which will directly benefit them will be an incentive in itself.

Another great effect of obtaining feedback is the ability to be engaged with your clients & students. This is a way for you to deeply understand their needs and in turn, you get to improve your course, obtain testimonials, reviews and referrals (again, stuff that you can use to promote!) and get to evaluate from insights that will actually help you move forward.
Intimately knowing the pulse of your people will help you create a community that listens, improves, and evolves with time.

If you want to create feedback mechanisms for your specific course and don’t know where and how to start, book a session with me to see where and how I can help!

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The Importance of Feedback for your Program and Course


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