After the successful completion of my Master’s degree in Project and Organisation Management from the University of Bordeaux (home of the French red wine!- a great place to be a student and still my favourite city!), I returned to the UK where I climbed the slippery corporate ladder in roles ranging from Sales and Marketing Manager, Project Manager and Programme Manager in charge of multimillion dollar defence contracts.

I followed my career to Oman, in the Middle East. It was there that I decided to pursue my passion for helping Inspiring entrepreneurs manage their successful 6 & 7 figure Businesses

Corporate Hustler turned Online Business Manager

I realized I was trading my time for money

sound familiar?

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I moved to Oman to work in the middle Eastern branch of my Company. I lead on large scale marine projects for both the US & the UK government. 

Sept. 2018

sept 2018

I started working for an Omani Company as a project executive, charged with managing larger company wide projects or which restructuring departmental processes was a core focus.

oct 2019

oct 2019

sept 2018

I knew I was destined for something more, something bigger so I set up EllieOBM from my 1 bed apartment in Muscat whilst still working a full time corporate job!

May 2020

oct 2019

sept 2018

may 2020

I quit my full time job and went all in in my business. Me and my partner moved to Lisbon, Portugal after 2+ years in the Middle East.

nov 2020

oct 2019

sept 2018

may 2020

I expanded into the Education sector and created my signature course THE CEO SUPPORT METHOD to educate other OBM's

nov 2020

FEB 2020

oct 2019

sept 2018

may 2020

We welcomed in our 100th member of the CEO SUPPORT METHOD and had supported over 60 entrepreneurs through our OBM packages, Builds, Strategy Sessions & Consulting

nov 2020

FEB 2020

OCT 2021

oct 2019

sept 2018

may 2020

We have had over 150 alumni pass through CSM, and have served over 90 entrepreneurs across our DFY and DY support packages. We're continuing to expand and solidify our services & expertise

nov 2020

FEB 2021

NOV 2021

JUNE 2022

The Journey so far...

it doesn't just happen overnight

My Corporate career wasn't short of big wins and success stories. I was offered several international positions upon finishing my degree but chose an option close to home having already completed my masters abroad. 
Project managing my way through a FTSE 100 defence company, I was no stranger to leading Multimillion dollar projects, managing key stakeholders and being the glue that held the many teams involved in complex projects together!

I'm here to drive your Business as you guide your vision.. 

In 2018 I was offered an international secondment to Oman. I fell in love with the country, the people, the weather, oh and a gorgeous fellow expat!
I fell in love with the idea of working away from home and realized that working FOR someone else no longer aligned with my life goal and visions. 

I knew i had so much value to add- I mean,  I planned million dollar submarine projects and executed Multiple high impact warships repairs! 
I was at that time that I discovered the world of female entrepreneurship in the online space. Impactful business driven by soulful women- This was where I wanted to be.

 I created EllieOBM to combine my Business Masters my Corporate career and have created an expert service for  6 & 7 figure online businesses. 

Impactful Businesses Driven By Soulful Women.

This is where I wanted to be 

I could never live too far from the beach!

I'm fluent in French. I did my Masters entirely in French and even dream in the language too sometimes! (Maybe when I've had too much french cheese!) 

I'm an enneagram 1, but a Sagittarius at heart, which makes me a weird mix of a high energy workaholic & adventure




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There's more, A few random facts...

Download the exact SOP, Agenda and templates I use with my clients to manage their projects, rock their launches and lead their remote teams!
Learn to structure your strategy session with purpose!

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My exclusive VIP days are for those who want an instant solution- for those who want their Business streamlined and systematised in a Day. I dedicate a hardcore one-on-one 5 hour session to audit, overhaul and transform your current business systems, systematise your business, plan your launch, create a dreamy onboarding system- basically its OBM magic rolled into 1 day! 

VIP Days!



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With an International Corporate career, a Masters Degree in Business and a passion for supporting Female entrepreneurs in the Online space, Ellie started EllieOBM with all of these things in mind and with the vision of providing professional services to inspiring women across the world.

Ellie is passionate about providing expert support to the women who inspire her and to help them scale sustainably to multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses. 

When Ellie isn't working you can find her exploring the world (currently in Portugal) cuddling her cat and nerding out on all things platforms and systems! 

Online Business MANAGER

the founder

ellie rogers


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