ClickUp Templates!

3 ClickUp Launch planning boards that will walk you through your next launch, step by
step, right through from your launch initiation until that post-launch phase!
These 3 Plug and Play ClickUp Launch Plans cover Webinar, Challenge, and Waitlist style launches and each have over 60 tasks! All you have to do is assigned and add a deadline!
Spreadsheets to help you set goals and create your course content!
Thrivecart Checkout Page template (similar to this one!) 
Zapier on-boarding plus and play template
Airtable Launch Metric Tracker
Airtable Content repurpose spreadsheet
20+ IG content templates 
Onboarding & Welcome Email Templates 
Canva Freebie Template (Just add your freebie content & images!) 
Canva "Mockup" template
Canva IG POST Launch Template
Welcome sequence templates

The Complete Launch set!

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A 90 minute Masterclass and Q&A, designed to walk your through my signature waitlist strategies, how to build out a bulletproof waitlist launch, and how to replicate it in rinse and repeat style each and every time! Not only will I be teaching you my tried and tested waitlist strategies, but I’ll also be giving you the goods and providing you with over 297 USD worth of templates to support you in the ongoing implementation of the strategies we discuss in this Masterclass.
 Masterclass AND Q&A session
 A Workbook to guide and support you through launching your next program/ course with a waitlist 

And some exclusive BONUSES for you!
Waitlist Invite Launch Email templates
Waitlist ClickUp Template
Launch planning Spreadsheets
Live Call recording!
How-to tutorials 
Airtable Launch tracking Templates!

The Waitlist Masterclass!

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I've facilitated hundreds of onboarding processes into my clients and my own businesses, and every single time, I've realized that having a structure for onboarding takes away the guesswork, Takes away the hassle, and takes away the energy required from the CEO to lead, direct and handhold!
These templates include: 

4 INTERNAL ClickUp onboarding tasks (with up to 8 sub-tasks for each to help you internally manage the onboarding process!) 
Five plug-and-play Onboarding list templates for VIP days, Coaching, Consulting, and DFY Build!
Call agenda templates, Client onboarding SOPs and Client gifting SOPs.
Pre-made, plug and play onboarding zaps.
Dashboard Canva assets for ClickUp 
Tutorials and supporting videos!

Client Onboarding templates

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3 Job application forms 
Email hiring templates 
3 Hiring List views (Tech VA, client success manager, OBM) 
3 hiring Board views (Tech VA, client success manager, OBM) 
How-to tutorials 
Application Scorecards 
Company values guidelines 
Company information Guidelines 
How-to videos 
Job role & responsibility templates for each role 
3 onboarding List views (Tech VA, client success manager, OBM) 
3 onboarding Board views (Tech VA, client success manager, OBM)

Grow your Dream team templates!

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