Get Back Hours in Your Day

Get Back Hours in Your Day



Juggling all the things, alienating yourself from your zone of genius, and being busy just to stay afloat only works for so long.

It’s not sustainable, and it’s the fast track to burnout! Outsource & staff up!

However, there comes a time when life just gets busy and that’s okay too!
Here are some ways to keep you effective and efficient (the dream combo!) at all times.

List out your must-dos for the next day & plan ahead.

Planning for your next day before it’s even started means that you start your day on the right foot, knowing your exact direction. List out the items that you MUST do to achieve the success that day! This can include a breakdown of the team members you need to talk with, the ongoing projects that need oversight ad well as the small little tasks that need to get done!

List your tasks by matter of priority and get the hardest and most complicated tasks completed first….this will make all other tasks feel easy by comparison.

Create empty calendar space.

Yes, you heard me right- create that time! Use that “empty calendar space” to get your creative juices flowing and keep you in that super-productive mode. Coming from corporate, I know there’s nothing worse than having every single moment of your day planned out for you.

Add in some empty time to avoid the over calendar crowding and keep you creative!

Make those tough choices at the beginning of your day!

As I said above, putting the complicated tasks at the forefront of your day will make all other items feel easy! Whether that’s a decision on a project, strategies for your upcoming launch, or growth plans- do them in the morning so that everything else in your day will seem like a walk in the a park and will take up smaller amounts of time!

Allocate time to check your email & Slack!

Living in your inbox is a clock killer! Allocate 3/4 times per day that you go into your inbox to check and verify all emails. Aim to respond to all before the close of the day and get to imbox 0.

Allocate the same boundaries with your other communication tools such as Slack. By allocating set times to check and respond to tasks and projects accordingly, you will avoid distracting yourself from the important matters at hand!

I have had the busiest few months of my life and I’ve managed to keep my head on my shoulder, grow my business, prep to move countries, and make some BIG shifts- time management, routine, and dedication are at the core of this!



Get Back Hours in Your Day


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