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What's keeping you from having a roster of dreamy clients who INSPIRE and MOTIVATE you?

Give me the goods!

Do you wake up with that sick to your stomach, heart in your mouth feeling as you check in on the 100 messages from your clients in Voxer?

 Are there random task requests, lack of structure and "I need this done asap" messages everywhere you look? 


You find yourself taking on every client who shows an interest, going against that funny feeling in your stomach (it's called your gut instinct hun) that's telling you that they're not right for you, and Onboarding them anyway... 

...only to find that 3 weeks later, your boundaries have been pushed beyond repair, you can't sleep a wink for the worry they're causing you and your other client relationships are suffering as a result. 

Sounds familiar, right?

You need to get CLEAR on your ideal client, break away from that scarcity "I need to take them all on" mindset and know how to pre-qualify and question your potential clients!

You need to Cultivate Your Inner Client Circle

Yep, We've all been there!

I want this freebie NOW!

I'm giving you the exact framework I used (and still use) TO UNDERSTAND who my dream client is, what they value and how they will work with my business. 

No fluff. No gaps. No secrets. 


Instead you'll get an depth workbook
you can use TODAY with clients & prospects. 

We've all been there. Waking up anxious about the relationships you have with clients is something that most DFY service provers have been through. Some may even consider it normal...a price to pay for the freedom of working for yourself. 

You didn't start your online business to loose all control over the way you interact with and work with your clients. You didn't start your online business to work with people who don't light your soul on fire. You didn't start your online business to dread your Monday morning catch up calls. 


I used to be where you're at right now. 

I was BURNT OUT, eager to please clients that in hindsight,- weren't the right fit for my business. 

I was working a full time Corporate career, waking up before the crack of dawn to do all of the things. 

I wasn't clear on how to identify WHO  my ideal client REALLY represented. 

Im not just talking niche, but I mean their values, their business and lifestyle vision and everything in between. 

I spent hours on discovery calls with clients that I just knew (deep down) weren't the right fit. 

But since then and as my business has grown I have had the opportunity to create a dream client roster of POWERHOUSE female entrepreneurs who honestly light up my soul when I work for them.

 As the OBM and COO in their businesses, I spend alot of time and energy managing their operations and teams. 

This is only possible at the level I commit to when you LOVE what you do and WHO you do it for. 

What you'll get:

+ 15 page workbook

+3 step process to walk you through dream client identification, dream client mission statement creation & client screening questions

+ 20 minute get to know me- & tutorial

+discovery call prompts

+a way to truely understand who you want to service and support in your business 

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With an International Corporate career, a Masters Degree in Business and a passion for supporting Female entrepreneurs in the Online space, Ellie started EllieOBM with all of these things in mind and with the vision of providing professional services to inspiring women across the world.

Ellie is passionate about providing expert support to the women who inspire her and to help them scale sustainably to multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses. 

When Ellie isn't working you can find her exploring the world (currently in Portugal) cuddling her cat and nerding out on all things platforms and systems! 

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