Need that high level support?

With experience as a programme manager in FTSE 100 companies both in the UK and the middle East, I've worked on multimillion dollar defence contracts,  managed large on the ground and remote teams, and strategised large international and regional projects. 

My expert blend of done-for-you, management, implementation and strategy is combined to manage your teams, plan and lead your next launch and map out your next power move. 

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Want solutions and fast?


My ON DEMAND OBM days are for those who want action, and fast! I will work intensely with you as we work on your business, identifying pain points in your current business process, we'll systematise, map out your launches, plan for your streamlined success and create order out of the chaos. 

Oh and Did I mention all of this could be achieved in a day?? 5 hours to be exact!


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Want solutions and fast?

Dubsado In a day!

My Dubsado in a day package is for those who want a CRM tool implemented, and implemented fast!
We work through your ideal customer journey, map out the perfect mix between automation and human elements before I go away and put everything in place. 

We will then sit down together and go over all the elements of your new system so that you get a full overview of how to run your CRM tool like a pro!

This package includes a 90 minute strategy intensive, full implementation of services, a training session as well as ongoing support after our session. 

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Breakthrough Strategy Session

MY 1:1 90 minute intensives are perfect to give you the clear actionable steps to take your business to the next level. We'll take a deep dive into particular areas of your business and discussions options and strategies for improvement.

You'll receive an action plan of the next steps for you business which you can implement straight away. Whats more, you will access to all relevant documents discussed during our session as well as receive access to me via Voxer for 2 weeks after our call!

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- Lisa- Abs Salut Pilates

I went from overworked, overwhelmed and over stressed to completely in control and working within my zone of genius. I can continue to serve my customers and stick to what i'm good at!

she transformed my business and helped me book clients in my sleep!

Jenna Jaggers

We are just so happy to have Ellie on our team! We get so excited thinking about all the ways that she is helping our Business!

We're both so grateful that we have someone on our team who also CARES about our business!

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Expert solutions, Professional delivery

I will rocket your launches to success using my signature management framework. I will encourage strategic collaboration between your team members and I will provide that high level oversight that you've been dreaming off- giving you the chance to step out from under your Business. 

High level Management

With my 5+ years of  corporate experience as well as my qualifications and experience in the online space I can not only manage your business but also take actions to improve it! 

Expert Implemetation

Being your own boss and running your online business can sometimes feel lonely- I get it, and i've been there. Thats why as an OBM I consider myself your partner. Im not only there as a key player and strategist in your Business but I will offer the support that you've been wanting and needing. 

Strategic Support

I'M here to help you make that dream a reality.

You want to have time to get creative, think big,  build your empire and scale to 7 figures, but you just don't have time to think about those things. 

I get it, running a business can feel like you've got to do #allthethings. So let's change that. 

By bringing me onto the team you'll be putting yourself back in the centre of your business- giving yourself time to prioritise doing the things that matter!

It's time for you to get back on top of your Business. 

are you ready?


Want to build a sustainable & scalable business? 

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