Automate your Onboarding with Zapier’s Auto-magical Capabilities

Automate your Onboarding with Zapier’s Auto-magical Capabilities



Client onboarding, or rather, the impression you leave with clients during this initial process of your relationship is so important and can help set the tone, clarify expectations and ensure everyone is on the same page moving forwards.

But ensuring you’re on top of the work, your business, your team, their calls, whilst also providing an incredible client experience can be *overwhelming*. 

Therefore, building automations that can support this process is a MUST.

Here’s a glimpse of the 5 ways I use Zapier to rocket-fuel my Onboarding: 


I always start with a purchase trigger. 

I use Thrivecart as it integrates well with Zapier and allows you really granular selection of your services as a tigger. For example when some purchases Product X it can kick off workflow A, but the purchase of Product Z will start workflow B- genius!

“Integrations” seem to scare non-tech-inclined people, but the Zapier-Thrivecart integration really works well – none of that tech jargon and more of a straightforward user interface that converts!

Ensure that you have tested this before moving on to the next part.


This is your first chance to make your client welcome into your client family.

Once the product has been purchased, you can have your Dubsado create a project (with their name and email) and auto-magically set off a project workflow within the Dubsado system. Remember that you will need to set up this workflow in Dubsado first to enable this. 

See to it that your Dubsado onboarding workflow includes some magnetic welcome emails, easy next steps and any onboarding questionnaires that you need the client to complete. 

Tip: I always set my initial welcome email to “approval” if it’s a high-ticket client so that I can tweak it and make it personal to them- adding in nice little notes about their business, our future relationship, and the strategies we discussed in our first call makes it all that more special!


This is where the backend magic happens. 

I have my template onboarding task list in ClickUp organized within a specific folder (based on purchase and client type). The 3rd action is to duplicate this task and call {{Client Name | project Type}}. This notifies me and my team that it’s time to buy them a gift and create an agenda for our first call etc. 

Amazing, right?!


Your 1:1 may come with access to several of your programs.

IF your course platform hasn’t been integrated with step 1 yet (purchase trigger), then this can be your 3rd action instead. It’ll allow them to automatically get access to your Courses without you manually having to invite them in! Zapier works really well with platforms such as Thinkific, which I use with my own Courses!


This can be in any platform but since slack is my personal favorite, I  have a channel automatically created to manage client comms internally and externally!

Note: keep your Slackbot in check. There’s a difference between being informative and being spammy.  Keep your messages clear and to-the-point.


All these processes lead the way for clients to fully discover your product. That’s what exceptional onboarding is all about! The clarity of each step and the comprehensive nature of the flow allows you to showcase your product – piece by piece – at an easy to follow pace. It’s how I’ve kept my onboarding simple, effective yet white glove after all!

Trying to automate your onboarding process but don’t know where to start? A VIP day will be for you! Apply here and let’s automate your systems!

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Automate your Onboarding with Zapier’s Auto-magical Capabilities


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