How to Launch like a PRO

How to Launch like a PRO



It’s easy to look at your insta-neighbor’s  5-6 figure launches and think…”wow, she makes it look so easy”

Frustration sets in.



Sound familiar? What we often don’t see are the time, planning, effort, financial investment, and MOST IMPORTANTLY THE SYSTEMS that go in the backend of successful launches.

Successful launches don’t start during Day 1 of Launch Day. In fact, it takes some serious planning! (DOWNLOAD my FREE launch planning checklist HERE)

Committing to periods of time for your marketing and launching involves different phases. And the completion of these phases will often result in more launch hype, a customer who’s ready to buy from you, and an easy time for you when it’s finally time for you to launch like a pro!

We have the pre-launch – the period before your product becomes available in the market, the live launch- your cha-ching period of sales and, and your post-launch- the time where you evaluate your offers and thank your market.

It goes without saying of course, that Launching is so multifaceted, and so different strategies should depend on your target audience, your timeframe and your product, however here are some of the things I think about when planning my clients launches.


This is all about warming up your audience, making them aware that something is coming your way, and building the hype via email.

Add value to these initial emails and keep them checking their inbox for the next one! Even better, develop strategies that will get your audience all abuzz internally and externally. For example, you can start teasing your product early one and introducing some fun little hidden clues and challenges in your emails- perhaps you have a favorite *extra* coffee order that you can drop into your emails, if they find that clue, they can use it as a coupon for 10% off when you open up the cart. Small things like this will get people talking about you and your product before we’ve even started marketing it externally!

Hype. Them. Up!


Show up so that your audience SEES you! Utilize your email marketing, your IG, your Facebook, and LinkedIn, even look into collaborating with others on their platforms to increase your reach!
Prepare your content calendar to guide your topics and themes that will help promote your launch. Create a buzz that can reach wider than just your current audience.

Be. Everywhere!


Make sure that your launch automation caters to the different routes and actions that your clients can take throughout their journey with you.

Did they click to APPLY to your mastermind?
Do they read every one of your emails?
Do they open and never click through?

Analyzing this data and using it to your advantage during a launch will set you up for data-driven success!

Apply tags to them and tailor their experience with your brand through custom emails and strategies.

Customize. The. Journey!

I LOVE LAUNCHING for my clients – and time and time again, I always incorporate a variation of the above strategies into the launches I support and lead.

And if you’re still feeling that anxiety we’ve been talking about earlier…here is an Easy 5-Step Guide to Launching Like a Pro!


This is where you’ll be coming up with the big idea and discussing all things related to your date, goal, budget, and team. This is when you sit down with your OBM and talk this through in a project kick-off style meeting.

Be sure to come out of the meeting with:

(1) a launch strategy
(2) desired goal
(3) budget (resources, contractors, marketing)
(4) key dates.

This helps map out your launch. You can also start mapping out your prospect audience (remember segmentation and all that good stuff that comes with it) and create the roadmap for your product before bringing it to the market.


The time where the fun is at (for us OBM minded people!).

Here, you’ll be taking those high-level launch plans and creating a whole project timeline. This is where you’ll likely split into different deliverable packages (creative/marketing/technical). Don’t forget that your communication plans, especially your content calendar across platforms, could be developed around this time to guide you in reaching out to your audience.

Keep in mind to influence your segments. Make sure to build in some wiggle room too to make space for any error or delay.


This is categorized by the DOING phase.

This is the time where you’ll be on the ground creating, writing, designing (with your team obvs!) in line with your project plan. It’s also essential that you test out your process before you make your live launch, smoothen out the few kinks and address them before everyone is already purchasing.


This will actually be your OPEN CART time, your period of sales. BUT apart from showing up on the front-end actually launching your product/service, you’ll want to make sure you’re monitoring the reaction, monitoring the results, and making micro-improvements if required.

Remember to keep up with the exciting energy in your comms so that you actually get your target audience and potentials hyped – making sure they become your buyers.


The final part of the project lifecycle, but arguably the most undervalued.

Here you’ll want to do a final debrief from the launch, from your team and your audience, so that you can understand what went well, or what needs to be improved on for next time around! This is also your chance to thank them and develop deeper customer bonds for your brand and lasting brand affinity.

Launching CAN BE FUN (said it here first!) that not only injects dollar signs in your business but also gives your brand the opportunity to impact more people and change lives for the better.

To get your FREE LAUNCH Checklist click here to download!

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How to Launch like a PRO


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