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Tired of feeling like you're loosing your head during a launch? Scrambling to get it all together?

Give me the goods!

do you wish you had a grocery list of launch tasks to tick off?
wish you had a way to stay on top of it all? 

Introducing the Leverage your launch checklist!

Does the idea of launching already bring  you to a cold sweat?

Are you tired of eyeing up your IG neighbours and seeing their super easy, stress free launches, wondering how an earth they can have brunch, make 5 figures and walk their dog all within the space of a casual Tuesday (like where do they even get that time from??).

Do you have some great idea, but just have no idea where to even start when it comes to actually doing the darn launch thing? 

Well at least that's what I used to worry about! 
 I help my multi 6 and 7 figures clients launch on the reg' and once I had figured out a few key strategies and tactics, launches became that much easier, for them, for me and the whole team!

Planning will be your bestie when it comes to launches, and getting as much off your launch tick-list ahead of time will ensure that you can have your avocado toast and eat it (millennial references, what can I say- we all love Avo on toast!) 

So I've put together something super exciting and easy to use to give you a taste of what having your launch under wraps can be like!


You'll get an depth workbook, complete with checklist, guidelines and templates ready to use TODAY!

What you'll get:

+12 page workbook

+My very own airtable template ready to use right now!

+ 10 minute tutorial walking you through the exact how to guide for this template!

+Launch Checklist!

+ My very own plug and play zapier template automation!

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With an International Corporate career, a Masters Degree in Business and a passion for supporting Female entrepreneurs in the Online space, Ellie started EllieOBM with all of these things in mind and with the vision of providing professional services to inspiring women across the world.

Ellie is passionate about providing expert support to the women who inspire her and to help them scale sustainably to multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses. 

When Ellie isn't working you can find her exploring the world (currently in Portugal) cuddling her cat and nerding out on all things platforms and systems! 

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