Top Dubsado Features to Save you Time and Money!

Top Dubsado Features to Save you Time and Money!



The standard work is 40 hours per week, but if you’re anything like I used to be, that soon turns to 50, 60 and then before you know it, you’re back in Corporate and you have forgotten exactly why you started your online business in the first place.

But adding Automations and systems to your business WorkMarket’s 2020 In(Sight) Report states that you could save up to 3 hours a day for business leaders- that’s over 2 weeks per year! As well as increasing the efficiency of your company, there are several other added benefits to automation including more accurate data, as well as money saved in labor costs.

So, I’m here to share one of my favorite time and money-saving tools with you and give you insider tips on just how to make the most of it in 2021!

Yes, you guessed right- Dubsado. (affiliate)

For those who havne’t yet discovred it, What is Dubsado is a Customer relationship management tool that allows you to interact with your clients via their integrated email system, various forms, questionnaires, and workflows, in a seamless and efficient way. Say goodbye to back and forth emails to schedule calls, boring google docs and google forms and contracts that are a pain to sign!

Here are some of my favourite ways of using Dubsado that could save your innumerable hours!

Automatic Emails

Waiting even 30 minutes to make contact with a new lead lessens your odds of qualifying them by 21x!

Crazy probabilities, so why risk it?

Automatic responses, canned emails, and link triggers are the way to go to ensure that you are staying on top of new prospects.  Dubsado can send emails automatically if you establish it up accordingly.

Create easy workflows (see workflow kick-off point below) so that any new lead is automatically met with an email, thanking them for their application or pointing them to the next steps, whether that be a booking link for your call, or a branded proposal, complete with a payment link, contract, and invoice!

Dubsado already has a wealth of email templates ready for you to use as a base. Don’t forget to personalize them and add your own spin to the language used! You want to make sure that your brand voice is shining through everything that your customer gets from you!

Onboarding sequence

Using applications like Dubsado means that your onboarding can be easy and seamless for both you and your client.

Whether you’re onboarding a client or a new team member, they are guided through all the steps necessary to have them as part of your world (all with near to zero human interactions!). 

My personal favorite in an onboarding workflow is the integration of forms and questionnaires to ensure that you have all the client information you need from them prior to their kick-off call!

You’ll never have to start a project again without having all of the right information.

Data Entry

If you’re anything like me, inputting data into a spreadsheet is like walking on nails- the rusty kind!

Using applications like Zapier, you can ensure that all new leads coming into your CRM tool are automatically “zapped” across to a new lead database (stored in google drive or Airtable for example) with all the right fields pre-populated.

A girl gotta do what she gotta do but if she can get the software to do the job for her…well…you know what route she’s taking!

Workflow “Kick-off

This one is my personal favorite!

If you have a set of the same task that you need to complete after a new lead pops up, you can automatically trigger a new template project within your click-up or Asana (or any other PM tool, but you know my thoughts on these two!) to give you automatic task requirements!

You’ll never leave your new leads hanging again! 

It makes tracking projects so much easier. Save yourself hours every week and automatically create or update projects and tasks in Asana from Dubsado!

Stop the faff and recur those invoices!

You can automatically set up recurring invoices for projects and send them email reminders when they’re a tad late! 

No one likes to chase their clients when they are late on their payments. It is added directly to their payment schedule, and you can ensure that it is sent off on a specific date or in relation to the start/ end of a project at hand.

Dubsado has already pre-installed three (3) payment reminder email templates that you can edit and personalise as required.

Use Dubsado to Save you hours in you day!

The good news is?

Dubsado’s free trial has no time limit! You’ll be able to use it for free for up to 3 clients, so you can test the application before you make the money move and add it to your monthly subscription list (It’s worth every penny- trust me!)

And if you don’t want to be dealing with the learning curve, book a Dubsado VIP Day with me. I’ll handle the software and get you all set up and ready to go!



Top Dubsado Features to Save you Time and Money!


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