Team Communication Tips for the Digital Entrepreneur

Team Communication Tips for the Digital Entrepreneur



As an OBM and consultant, I get to see the insides of businesses that make 6 figure months, those that hit multiple 7 figures revenue targets, and work like well-oiled machines. 

But regardless of the team structure or size, one key thing that allows for growth and the successful completion of projects- is open and transparent communication all around.

Now you may be running your coaching business from Voxer or chatting away on email to your subcontractors (which is great- who doesn’t love the voice note feature that Voxer has to offer) – but try allocating and then tracking the progress of your business tasks and projects over voice note…it can’t get hard. And when things are hard, often they don’t work as effectively or efficiently as they should.

I’m here with some of my favorite tech platforms & tips to help you and your team master communication and keep on top of your collective to-do list!

1. Use Your Project Management Tool

This will keep your task-based communications in one place. Updates, deadlines, and assignees will keep everyone on track and knowing what they are meant to be doing at any given time. 

Businesses rely on these key tools to enhance their resource efficiency and project scopes. For OBM’s and Project Managers like me? It’s a lifesaver! Huge and complex projects? ORGANIZED!

These tools also provide a seamless team workflow. It will take out confusion and make sure that your team is in tip top shape and ready to slay the day. 

PM tools like ClickUp allow for various features that can support team communication. Using the task & project comment section and @ tagging your fellow peers ensure that all updates related to task and projects stay in one place. You can also add in extra “views” in the form of a chat feature for a specific project- meaning that all team communication (or even external contractor communication if applicable) can take place in here.

You can additionally introduce the dashboard feature of ClickUp into the mix- and add in several different chats into one place- this is great for a na agency style business where you may want to have one chat per client- it keeps your team communication all in one simple place and in a nice looking dashboard feature nonetheless!

2. Introduce Slack into the Mix

Slack is a powerful and integrated team communication platform that allows you to:

  • Chat not only 1:1 but also in groups- called channels
  • Be in multiple devices
  • Upload files and share them within your team
  • Carry out task updates and deadlines reminders
  • Have a free messenger tool (but on steroids) – you can opt for the paid version too starting at 8 USD/month

What’s more, is that you can integrate it with all of your other business tools. Think google documents, asana tasks, zoom meetings. It can all be hosted/created right in there. 

Yes, all your tools for project tracking under one roof!

One thing to note is that slack should not replace the tools you are already using for your project management. It should complement it and give you and your team a better workflow. Think of it rather as a place to discuss ongoing projects and team strategies rather than a place to allocate tasks…and if that does end up becoming commonplace in slack- be mindful of adding the Clickup & Slack integration, so that you can add any new task discussed within slack directly to you ClickUp!

And if you’re not convinced just yet…

Slack let their numbers speak for themselves.

Teams that use Slack are:
– 31% more productive. 

– 91% felt that their skills to work remotely has improved

– 84% feel more connected to their teams

– 75% of users rely on Slack to get work done

As a high-performing OBM, slack just makes work simpler, more pleasant, and much more productive than usual! Checking up on clients becomes easy and allows for open and transparent team communications.

Voxer can still be a great tool for those “it has to be a voice note” kind of moments and last-minute “please support me” tasks, but leaning on your PM tool and Slack is going to keep your communication streamlines and organized!

Whatever PM and software you are using right now, it should bring your people together thus creating a productive and aligned environment with a team that has access to the same important information.

Want to get your team comms fired up and integrated with your business tech platforms? Sounds like a VIP day may be for you! I set up systems that WORK for my clients in 1 day! Apply HERE!

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Team Communication Tips for the Digital Entrepreneur


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