First of all, you're not alone- we all see the flaws within our own business models and are quick to judge when things don't run as smoothly as we hope.

That being said, actually knowing how to make the changes and implement strategic alterations to ensure maximal efficiency across all areas of your business isn't a job to be taken lightly.
In fact, you- as the business owner, CEO and know-er of all things, putting in place these changes and thinking objectively about the ways in which you could streamline your operations within your own business won't come easy.

You see, as business owners, we almost know too much about how our businesses run.

You need an expert "outsider" to come in, audit your systems & operations and evaluate where lasting change could be implemented to ensure that all areas of your business are running optimally



A Trusted Partner

What you really need

You need a trusted strategic partner to advise you on your business journey and support you in the process to becoming operationally excellent!


An Expert Advisor

You need an expert, who's worked with multi-million dollar corporate companies and successful 6 & 7 figure online business alike.  I know what it takes for business to run optimally, including the systems, structures & stratgies


Best in Industry Resources

You don't just get my advice, expertise and implementation within your business, you also get access to my wealth of industry best frameworks and resources so that you and your team and tailored solutions from the get go. 

A Seasoned Implementer

You don't just need an expert advisor, you also need someone who can see identity the gaps and make the changes. I don't just talk about making your business more operational efficient- I actually do it for you.

That's where I come in

I am fortunate enough to have worked with Multi dollar companies in my corporate career, and now work intimately within my clients multi 6 & 7 figure business and support them in all things operations, systems and strategy. 

I know what works, the strategies that sell, the systems that support and the project plans that deliver. 

My 1:1 consultancy packages stand out from the crowd because of the unique blend of strategy & implementation. I work with you and your business to find custom solutions to maximising your efficiency and operations through the correct use of systems, strategies and tech within your business. 

I'll be available for your via Slack and voxer for any "what would Ellie do" moments and extra on hand support. 

Unlimited communication

I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours of you sending the message. Contact me via slack for a faster response time and expect responses M-F 8am GMT- 5PM GMT* 
*Flexibility of availability based on Location and timezone (I'm looking at you my wonderful Australian friends!) 

Quick response time. 

We'll be working together over the course of 3 monthly calls. 1 a week, with one week of implementation. These calls will be structured based on your business requirements and will be tailed to your needs. 

Weekly Calls

We'll take a deep dive into your business operations to understand everything there is to know about your business, your current operations, your team and the blockers that are preventing you from running at optimal efficiency. 

Kick off strategy call

From working with me

What to Expect

As part of my client family, you'll have exclusive access to all applicable resources. From spreadsheets and swipe files. through to System templates and workbooks. If you need it, I likely have it!

Access to my ressources!

To better understand your current business structure i'll be taking a deep dive into your business operations and performing serval systems audit over the course of our working relationship- This is to better understand the areas that need work and support. 

Systems Audits

As part of my client family, you'll have exclusive access to all applicable resources. From spreadsheets and swipe files. through to System templates and workbooks. If you need it, I likely have it!

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With an International Corporate career, a Masters Degree in Business and a passion for supporting Female entrepreneurs in the Online space, Ellie started EllieOBM with all of these things in mind and with the vision of providing professional services to inspiring women across the world.

Ellie is passionate about providing expert support to the women who inspire her and to help them scale sustainably to multiple 6 figure and 7 figure businesses. 

When Ellie isn't working you can find her exploring the world (currently in Portugal) cuddling her cat and nerding out on all things business systems and strategies!


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